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Offer your customers access
to hundreds of professional quality products and
get a 25% commission on their purchases.


By joining the partnership program, you will obtain a referral code unique to your salon that you can share with your customers.

In order for your customers’ purchases to be eligible for the commission program, they must present your referral code at the time of checkout either in the online store or in one of our stores open to the public.

There is no limit to the use of your code, every transaction is eligible.


You must have a Beauté Points loyalty card to join the program*.

If you don’t have one yet, apply now:

  • In one of our 24 stores

  • By contacting our customer service department at 1.800.361.1978

  • By visiting beautepoints.beautestar.com/

*You must be a beauty professional with a Beauté Star account to be eligible for the program.


The commission will be issued in the form of Beauté Star Loyalty Points that will be deposited into your salon account on a quarterly basis.


Different strategies are put in place to entice your customer to use your referral code, such as offering free samples with
their order.


Find out what is included in the selling price of a product.

* The commission is refunded in the form of loyalty points each quarter.



No! The prices displayed are calculated taking into account the suggested profit margin of each of our manufacturers. You will always have privileged access to the prices for professionals.

This program gives you the opportunity to have access to a turnkey

program offering you a complete online store without any investment on your part, without any management of order taking, labor and packaging and without having to manage shipping and returns of orders.

Commissions will be paid to partner salons in the form of Beauté Star Loyalty Points and will be deposited to your account on a quarterly basis.

When you become a partner salon, you will receive a starter kit containing a sticker to put in your window and a sign to put up at the front desk of your salon as well as a card displaying your personalized referral code.

Partner salons will receive a 25% commission every time one of their referred clients makes a purchase on the Beauté Star online store or in one of our boutiques.

By becoming a program partner salon, you will get a unique referral code to provide to your customers. They will need to enter this code when purchasing from our online store or present your code at the checkout when purchasing in-store.

Different strategies are put in place to entice your customer to use your unique referral code, such as offering free samples with their order.

You must be a member of the Beauté Points loyalty program offered by Beauté Star.

Yes, we plan to gradually open our branches to the public starting with our new concept located in Drummondville in the fall of 2021. More branches will be added in the future, so that within a few years, all stores will be accessible to the general public. We will renew all of our stores to bring them up to date in order to offer an impeccable customer experience to our consumers.

We will also offer them a very wide variety of professional quality items for resale without you having to hold them in your salon, but still benefiting from a commission when one of your customers comes into one of our stores.

You can expect a renewed and updated in-store experience as our new, more colorful and dynamic brand image will be prominent in our decor. The prices displayed in store will be those of the consumers.

In order to see your professional price, you will need to use the Beauté Star application on your smartphone. If you don’t have one, smartphones will be available in store upon request.

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